Spa privé bruxelles

Private wellness center Brussels

Open 7/7 days a week by reservation

2023: New Management

  • All the activities are on request and appointment.
  • Please be so kind to be on site 10 minutes before your appointment starts. As a matter of fact, being late will not allow you to stay longer afterwards.
  • Any private booking will be acknowledged by a desposit of 50% either at the center in cash or by bank transfer.
  • Any cancellation or modification has to be made at least 48h in advance, otherwise the deposit is considered to be due (accident, bad weather, sickness, deceise...can not be taken into account as a valid reason)
  • The payment of the deposit should be paid within 3 working days after the booking in the agenda. Subscriptions are strictly personnel, not transferable and valid during 6 months.
  • All users are asked to take a shower before starting their wellness session.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use the thermae with clothes, only swimming suits, bikinis, shorts, are authorized.
  • It is strictly forbidden to run in and around the water, diving into the swimming pool also prohibited.
  • No pic-nic will be allowed in the thermae. Only food and drinks sold by the centre can be consumed on site. If this rule is not respected, the posted prices will be raised by 50€.
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the center.
  • Wellness Helena has the right to enter the space occupied by a group to guarantee the respect of the instructions and the rules of procedure.
  • Kids are under their parents responsabillity during their whole stay at the center.
  • Kids wearing diapers should imperatively wear diapers for swimming pool use.
  • The deposit shoud be paid within the 3 working days after the booking in the agenda.
  • The center declines any responsibility in case of carelessness, in case of act of ill will or in case of non respect of the rules of procedure.

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