Spa privé bruxelles

Private wellness center Brussels

Open 7/7 days a week by reservation

2023: New Management

What is included in the price ?

The price includes the reservation of the center with heated inside whamming pool, sauna, hammam, jacuzzi,relax area, terras - not included : beverages on bar at your disposal, hire of towels and bathrobe.

Bathrobe/ towels/ swimsuit

For the bathrobes and towels, you can bring your own or hire them in the center (bathrobe 4€ towel 2€) swimsuits are not mandatory, you will be alone in the center.

What means "private"?

If for example you book for 2 persons, you will be the only 2 to enjoy the whole center during the total booking period.

Heating and dimensions ?

The inside pool is 12mx 5m and is heated till 30 degrees. The jacuzzi is 37,5 degrees, the hammam is 40 dg the sauna is 80 dg - the total center is approximatively 250 m2 and heated.


The bar is at your disposal, with the supplement of your beverages (self service, like the mini bar in a hotel) you will find soft drinks juices, beer, alcohol, champagne…. prices are posted, they are similar to prices in a pub.


You choose if you wear or not a swimsuit


It is possible to make reservations for massages, it is a complementary service, not included in the price of the location of the center - the prices of our massages are mentioned here - it is also possible to book massages without booking the center.


The booking of the center is only effective after reception of the deposit - note : after booking, we must receive the deposit within 3 days, otherwise the reservation is cancelled.


It is absolutely forbidden to take any own food or drinks in the center - at the bar you will find different snacks - it is also possible to book our catering.


Our center is non smoking - we have a terras for smokers.

To do or not to do

Our rules are mentioned in our topic "internal rules" .


For the moment it is only possible to have information about availability via mail or phone - our center has major success, please make sure you book in time for a special date.

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